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Cerutti il Caffe History

For 3 generations the Cerutti family worked in the coffee, bars and restaurant business. At the beginning of the last century the grandparents Cerutti owned a restaurant on the “Lago Maggiore” in Italy.

The youngest of 4 children Enrico Cerutti was the one to continue the family business by becoming a chef in a 5 Stars Hotel “Lse lles Borromees” in “Stresa Lago Maggiore”, famous vacation resort. The Border to Switzerland was near, so Enrico Cerutti continued his career in Switzerland.

For his training he worked in the most important places of the Swiss Gastronomy “St.Moritz, Arosa and Lugano” (Monza, important for F1 motor-racing track, and New York) In the 50s he got married and opened Restaurant near Milan. The restaurant was managed with great success until the 60s.


When the trend to meet and talk around a coffee cup began. His experience helped him to understand what is needed to enjoy the real Italian Espresso. This gap was filled by Cerutti il Caffe.

On the wings of his trusted and regular customers and his charisma as businessman he opened the first Cerutti il Caffe, in “Ticino”. Soon after that he began selling Coffee on the Italian and Swiss market with great success.

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